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Our system helps people understand fundamental body mechanics, identify areas of weakness or imbalance and train to correct these. Our videos will guide you through the exercises, movements and tools to recondition your body!

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Learn specific movement patterns within each body region that can be associated with pain, injury and physical limitation. Understand how mobility, body control and strength are fundamental to optimal movement.

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Research has shown injury prevention programs also enhance performance! Learn how to build a solid training foundation so your body can function at an optimal state!

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Get customized personal training developed by Dr. Lee Skinner and tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

How do we use artificial intelligence (A.I.)?

Our mission is to use artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and precision of our product. With so many companies offering online exercise programs and reconditioning protocols, we want to stand apart!

Our system is being built to track and learn from every interaction in order to predict and improve your outcome!

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