The Soreness Guide for Lifters

No—it’s not the end of the world! Yes—it’s hard to get off the toilet! If you are an athlete and serious about your training- you’re familiar with muscle soreness. Sometimes it feels pretty rough to get rolling at the gym but soreness shouldn’t be a huge training barrier. Here’s a question—can you tell the difference …

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What is Good PT?

In 2012 The Institute of Medicine (IOM) broadly criticized the U.S. healthcare system and reported this industry wastes roughly $750 billion per year. That’s about 30 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare! Let’s compare healthcare to shopping for a home. You walk into a real estate agent’s office and sit down to look at …

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Research Shows- Whatever You Want!

We live in an amazing information era! People all over the world have been empowered by social media and their ability to share thoughts and opinions. This has afforded many people in the fitness, nutrition and wellness industry an amazing marketing opportunity. The unfortunate truth; however, is that people without adequate experience and education are …

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